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Frequently asked questions

A Niki van Bake cake or entremet should be ordered at least 2 weeks before the desired pick-up date.

You can place an order by clicking the order now button. All you have to do, is to make a choice between the three different cakes offered and fill out the order form on the page connected to it. Inform Niki van Bake about your desired pick-up date of the cake/entremet, what flavors you would like to have and provide her with a short description of what your wishes for the decorations are. Based on this order form, Niki van Bake will contact you, after which a payment link is sent via email. You are required to pay within 48 hours, after which your order will be confirmed and the order will be set in motion.

Your order will be confirmed after you have made the payment via the payment link and you have received a confirmation of your order via email.

Niki van Bake works with a payment link that you will receive via email after having filled out the order form.

When the payments aren’t met within 48 hours, your order will indeed be cancelled.

Your ordered cake or entremet can be picked up on the agreed upon date and time at Niki van Bake, Lichtstraat 66, 5611 XA Eindhoven.

Unfortunately, Niki van Bake does not have the resources to deliver cakes and entremets at this point in time.

Niki van Bake works with standard flavor combinations that you can choose from on the order form. These combinations have been carefully selected based on experience and a lot of taste-testing, and promise to be a sensation to your taste buds. Would you like to have a slightly different combination? Please indicate so on the order form and Niki van Bake will let you know what the possibilities are.

You can cancel your order until 1 week before the agreed upon pick-up date of your cake or entremet.

All Niki van Bake cakes and entremets are made on a cake drum that is approximately 1,5cm thick, and are packed up in a box.

Unfortunately Niki van Bake cannot make you a vegan cake or entremet. There are other pastry chefs that do a way better job at creating vegan delicacies!

No, sorry! Niki van Bake does not work with fondant. The Let’s celebrate! cakes are finished off with a white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream.

For all mousses, gelées and mirror glazes, gelatin is used. Alcohol isn’t used as an ingredient of the cakes, but it may be used for the application of edible glitters. The alcohol will evaporate after the application of the glitters, therefore there will be no alcohol present in the Niki van Bake cakes and entremets in the end. Would you rather not have any alcohol used in the decoration process of the cake? Please indicate so on the order form, so that this can be taken into consideration.

Unfortunately not. Whipped cream is used for all mousses, dairy butter is used for the buttercream and for some cake recipes cow’s milk is used.

Niki van Bake definitely strives for making all decorations on the cake or entremet edible. After all, it’s called edible art for a reason. However, it could be that, for example, an edible chocolate cake topper is inserted in the cake with a wooden skewer. These are obviously inedible. In case more inedible elements are used for the decoration of a cake/entremet, this will always be mentioned in the order confirmation.

Due to the precise purchase of cake ingredients, you can, however in consultation with Niki van Bake, make changes to your order until 1 week before your pick-up date.

Definitely. All Niki van Bake cakes and entremets are made with whipped cream, therefore it is important to store your cake/entremet in the fridge after pick up as soon as possible. Only for the Let’s celebrate! cakes it is advised to, given that the exterior of the cake is made of buttercream, remove them from the fridge 15 minutes before cutting them. The buttercream will be the tastiest when it’s not super cold anymore.

After picking up your cake or entremet, you can keep it in your fridge for up to 3 days before it goes bad. It is advised to keep the cake/entremet in the box it is delivered in, to prevent it from drying out. Do you happen to have any leftovers that you would like to eat at a later point in time? Then you can slice up the cake/entremet, wrap the individual slices in cling film en put them in the freezer. Frozen slices of cake can be kept for up to 3 months. To defrost the slices, remove the cling film and put them on a plate in the fridge.

All Niki van Bake cakes and entremets are custom made and are completely handmade. Therefore, it will never be possible to make a cake/entremet exactly like another one. This is especially the case for mirror glaze entremets: not one mirror glaze will give the same result, as it is dependent on the coincidental way that it will flow over the cake when it is poured onto it. Additionally, Niki van Bake has her own unique style and creativity that carry certain associated possibilities. Of course you could always mention what cake/entremet you really like, so that Niki van Bake can take this cake as an example and starting point.

The Let’s celebrate! cakes do not contain nuts, but the Entremet and Entremet small do contain nuts like almonds and hazelnuts in certain cake layers. This means that the Let’s celebrate! cakes are made in a kitchen where nuts are processed. In case of allergies, you are required to indicate so on the order form, in the Special wishes? section. When an allergy is not indicated, Niki van Bake cannot be held responsible for the effects.

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