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Easter special

Celebrate this Easter with THE chocolate egg among chocolate Easter eggs. This gigantic filled half Easter egg from Niki from Bake Patisserie is one to die for. No less than 650 grams of pure indulgence! You definitely don’t want to miss this one, so order yours quickly!

Limited availability only!

Note: your order is not confirmed until the payment has been made and you have received a confirmation of your order via email.

The filling

The chocolate Easter egg is made of white, milk or dark chocolate of your choice and has an inner layer and bottom of the same chosen type of chocolate, rice krispies, feuilletine and Oreo crumbs. Inside, the egg is filled with layers of salted caramel, a white chocolate vanilla ganache and an Oreo ganache.

The color

All Easter eggs of any type of chocolate are colored on the outside with the same colors of cocoa butter. However, these colors are defined by the type of chocolate that is poured on them. With a white chocolate background, the colors remain light and bright, with milk and dark chocolate they become somewhat darker.

Price per Easter egg

26,95 (incl. 9% VAT)

Order and pick-up

Order: Available for orders until March 18th, 2024

Pick-up: The Easter eggs are available for pick-up between 13:00h and 14:00h in Reusel on March 30th, 2024.

Do you want to order more Easter eggs than possible via the order form or is the collection time not convenient for you? Email your wishes to and we will look at the possibilities together!

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Order now

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Beyond the Bake

In case of allergies, you are required to inform Niki van Bake Patisserie of these. When an allergy is not indicated, Niki van Bake Patisserie cannot be held responsible for the effects.

The half Easter eggs are delivered in a box, in which they lie on a bed of food-safe paper shreds.

Given the cream filling of the Easter eggs, it is recommended to keep them in the fridge.

The Easter eggs can be kept for at least 14 days after collection (in the fridge).

Cut the Easter egg halves into pieces with a large, sharp knife. The easiest way is to first cut the Easter egg half in half width-wise and then cut strips from the outsides to the inside. When you get closer to the center, turn the piece you have left on its side and cut it into pieces.

Wrap cut Easter eggs in cling film and store them in the box they were delivered in, in the fridge. Once cut, the crispy rice krispies and feuilletine lose their protective layer of chocolate on the sides where they were cut and can therefore absorb the moisture in the fridge more easily. If not packed properly, the crispy bite may be reduced.


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The Easter special is no longer available!