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Mother's Day special

Will you surprise your mom this year on Mother’s Day with flowers that not only smell great, but also taste delicious? Spoil her with this mini cake shaped like a flower bouquet!

Limited availability only; first come, first served. The Mother’s Day specials can be picked up on May 13th, 2023.*

Important announcement: Niki van Bake Patisserie has moved! The Mother’s Day specials can be picked up at the new address in Reusel.

*Note: your order is not confirmed until the payment has been made and you have received a confirmation of your order via email.


The mini cakes are made of layers of red velvet cake, raspberry gelée, white chocolate mousse and pieces of Ruby chocolate*. They are coated and decorated with a white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and finished off with a milk chocolate ”Mom” and golden sugar pearls.

Price per piece

24,95 (incl. 9% VAT)


Bento cake

Bento cakes are a huge trend in the cake world at the moment: a mini cake in a take-away box. Perfect to give away as a gift!

Orders and delivery

Taking orders until and including May 6th, 2023

Pick-up date: May 13th, 2023

*Besides dark, milk and white chocolate, Ruby chocolate is the fourth official chocolate type. The pink or ruby color doesn’t come from any artificial, added flavorings or colorings, but from specific parts of the ruby cocoa bean itself. Ruby chocolate has a berry-like flavor.

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Beyond the Bake

In case of allergies, you are required to inform Niki van Bake of these. When an allergy is not indicated, Niki van Bake cannot be held responsible for the effects.

The cake is made on a small cake board and is packed up on a piece of wax paper in a box. The box is 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of with organic waste.

After collecting the cake, it is important to store it in the fridge as soon as possible. Keep your cake in the fridge, in the box that it is delivered in to avoid it from drying out.

Tip: advise your mom to remove the cake from the fridge 30 minutes before consumption. The buttercream on the exterior of the cake will taste even better on room temperature.

You can keep the cake in the fridge for up to 3 days after the pick-up.

Do you have any leftovers? Wrap the cake in cling film and put it in the freezer. Frozen cake can be kept for up to 3 months. To defrost the cake, remove the cling film and put it on a plate in the fridge.


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The Mother´s Day special is no longer available.